It’s what they thought

They told me I can never be anything, I chose to be something, they told me I will never be anybody, I chose to be somebody, they told me I will never find reasons to smile but i found reasons to rejoice, they told me I will never find peace but I chose to love and forgive….They mocked and crushed me but I chose to rise, they said am a weakling and a faillure but I saw a heroine, a legend and a champion in me….when they said am a follower I chose to lead,when they said I’l always beg I chose to help, support and give….people will always have opinions about you and the best way to disregard them is to be what you think you are or be what you think u can be…what matters is how u see yourself….Be anything you wana be as long as it pleases God….

Zikhona Xolo